Moving tips

Moving house can be a daunting and stressful experience if you overlook some essential points. Here are a few moving tips to make your move less stressful by organizing and planning in advance

  • Minimise Costs

    Moving can cost a fortune especially when you do not shop around . Shop online carefully for Man and van or Alternatively search for local removal companies online e.g. on

  • Change Your Address

    The most important thing to do prior to moving is changing address transferring your services like cable tv, gas/electricity, landline, mobile phone, insurance ,broadband, doctors, dvla and bank accounts .

  • Avoid Spillages

    If you are carrying used previously opened fluids or drinks or food ensure that they are properly closed and secured as most caps or screwed tops will unloosen hence spoiling delicate belongings.

  • Dismantling Furniture

    Most beds and huge Wardrobes require dismantling as they would have been delivered in DIY packs then assembled in the rooms . Plan to dismantling them accordingly.

  • Delicate Furniture

    Avoid putting sharp or heavy objects on top of delicate materials or furniture like sofas . Any delicate furniture should be bubble wrapped and cushioned to avoid scratches while in transit.

  • Don’t overfill or under fill boxes

    When packing the boxes do not put more in a box than you can lift comfortably . Do not under fill as most half boxes will collapse.

  • Mail Forwarding

    Make arrangements for your mail forwarded to your new address.Arrange for you mail to and Electric Reading.Do not forget to take note of your final gas and electric readings to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Packing and Labeling boxes

    Moving is less stressful if personal belongings are not packed carefully in labeled boxes. Purchase packing material eg bubble wrap, boxes, tape and markers and clearly label you boxes as Kitchen, bedroom Dining etc.,Mark Fragile on boxes.

  • Staircases

    When initially speaking to the moving company do not forget to let them know the vital aspects of your moving schedule i.e. parking restrictions or the number of floor your apartment is on as it might affect charges.

  • Measure your new place

    Measurements should be taken to ensure that e.g. Sofas will feet on the door of the new house or the height of the ceilings will feet the wardrobes and that any of the big furniture will go up the staires.

  • Reconfirm your Moving appointment

    Reconfirm your moving appointment to ensure that everything is set and that the Movers have the correct date , time , collection and delivery address to avoid last minute disappointments.

  • Cleaning

    Try to do most of the cleaning before the movers come as doing it after loading the van might be time consuming adding to your charges if you paying hourly.