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We at Moovers UK are excited having launched, our new website in 2017 and this being our very first blog Thanks for visiting. Please keep visiting to see any offers, promotions, news, Moving tips, developments we will share regularly on our Blog

We take pride in the repeat business and referrals as a result of confidence our customers put in us.

We thrive to satisfy our customers by reducing the financial burden, physical demands and emotional stress associated with moving. We hope to be your first choice whether you are moving across the street or across the country.


Best moving tips

Have a clear out.
Overtime it's easy to accumulate loads of items that you don't really need or use. Moving gives you an opportunity to declutter. Moving gives you a fantastic opportunity to have a clear out allowing you to keep only the things you use. You can sell on eBay, gumtree or give them away.

Moovers UK

Moving made easy

At Moovers Uk, we take pride in the referrals and repeat business as a result of the confidence that our customers put in us. We thrive to satisfy our customers by reducing the emotional stress, physical demands and financial burden associated.

So - our business philosophy is the provision of flexible, personalised Moving services cost effectively. Our uniqueness comes from local knowledge of our customers and service areas.


Renting a self drive van versus hiring a moving company

Moving can be daunting life changing experience. Some Movers prefer renting a self drive van enlisting the help of family and friends, in the absence of Moving professionals who have many years in experience, proper moving skills, moving tools, moving equipment moving trollies and moving blankets, moving has a potential of being a nightmare.

ln london there is a wide range of choices of moving companies who can help. Their trucks are equipped with Moving gear. They will come with the knowledge expertise and skills to move furniture and personal belongings in a way that will alleviate stress.

Moovers UK

London self storage facilities

IN 2015 Moovers Uk introduced an on demand self storage service referral service for Business, personal or student use.

If you are looking for a dry secure friendly, economic and convenient self storage for domestic or business use get in touch with us. We work in partnership on a referral basis with the most reputable secure self storages monitored by remote cctv and an array of unit sizes. We assess your needs and recommend the best storage for you based on your needs distance and budget.

We also offer reliable and professional transport service to and from the storage. We can transport single items up to the entire household contents. ( Business and Domestic)


For students , taking all your belongings back home after every term can be a daunting task.

We can recommend the best storage solutions for students with excellent student discounts. Whether you are going on a summer holiday or you just want to free up space. Our recommended storages also supply you with a huge collection of packaging material such as shrink wrap boxes and packing tape. We offer discounted student rates for our self storage man and van service removal service.

Domestic Storage Requirements

Most domestic customers now use self storages as an extension to their own houses

If you are Moving house, renovating your home, decluttering ( freeing up space at home ) or if your house purchase has not gone through yet or maybe you are going for a holiday and your require short term storage solutions. We work in partnership with most self storages near you. We offer Man and van helpful reliable and cost effective transport to and from the storage. We have ten years experience in storage removals so you can sit back while we do all the loading, offloading arranging, and packing your belongings in the designated self storage space. We offer reliable professional transport solutions even on short notice

Business Requirements

Most local businesses are now making use of business self storage facilities to either keep their stock, documents or archives. Some use it to store excess business stock or office furniture. Some business use self storages as an extension of their business to free space at their premises. We can arrange a secure clean self storage facility conveniently located near you.